Our motto is 'do it right'!

Edward M. Johnson & Associates, architects and planners, has an exceptional mix of experience and talent in the design and construction business . This boutique architectural design firm has achieved more than 3 decades of contributing architecture, landscape architecture , interior design, urban planning and design assistance services . EMJohnson caters to and delivers on its clients' visions, while producing high quality construction documents and projects, delivered with generous support to its clients .

We believe there are three key elements to completing a successful project

• Listen attentively to the client's scope of work and required services.

• Produce good documentation that is well coordinated in timely fashion.

• Produce a constructable product which translates into client savings.

  • Historic Preservation
  • Cost Estimating
  • New Construction
  • Renovations/Rehab
  • Custom
  • ADA Compliance
  • Expert Witness



Set backs

FAR: Floor Area Ratio


Parking Requirement


Matter of Right


Alley Closing

  • Construction Documents
  • Document Coordination
  • Plan Review Services
  • Site Planning
  • Zoning Relief Consulting
  • Commercial Design
  • Residential Design
  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning